Three new shareholders for hydrogen company H2NORD

The new partners secure a lead in green hydrogen

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Reußenköge/ Emden, 08 November 2021
The East Frisian hydrogen company H2NORD has three new shareholders. Through their participation Spedition Weets, Hinrich Folkerts Landhandel and AG "EMS" want to secure the supply of green hydrogen from the region. With this decision they are also positioning themselves at an early stage to participate in the increasing value creation in the hydrogen sector. Conversely, H2NORD receives three more important anchor customers in the region. Service station operator SCORE has already joined as a shareholder and functions as an important distribution partner. With the Emden Energy Park as the basis for generation, the partner companies want to build a regional hydrogen ecosystem that uses only wind and solar energy from East Frisia. 

The new shareholders are already planning concrete steps to convert their fleets to hydrogen. The family business Hinrich Folkerts Landhandel wants to have the first of its three tractor-trailer units converted to hydrogen by the end of 2023. With its fleet of commercial vehicles, Folkerts Landhandel supplies customers from western East Frisia to the Weser-Ems region with grain, seeds and fertilisers, among other things. "Reliable logistics are essential for us as an agricultural trading company. As a family-run company in its third generation, we are rooted in the region. We are therefore particularly pleased that our fuel will also come from East Frisia in the future," says Tjade Berend-Kleemann, Managing Director of Folkerts Landhandel. 

Haulage company Spedition Weets GmbH from Emden wants to gradually convert its approximately 70 diesel trucks to zero-emission vehicles from 2023/24. Company founder Jakob Weets, who himself drove trucks for many years, expanded the forwarding and haulage company into a business with 500 employees from 1985 onwards. Good and future-proof jobs are important to him. To achieve this, he relies on direct employment contracts, in-company training and sustainable drives. "We are securing the future viability of our location with locally sourced hydrogen. In addition, the fuel cell trucks are quiet and clean - when you spend your whole working day in them, it makes a big difference," says Jakob Weets. 

The shipping company AG "EMS" already has several ships with an alternative LNG propulsion system in operation on regular services to the islands of Borkum and Helgoland. The long-term goal, however, is to convert the propulsion system to green hydrogen. A maritime hydrogen filling station is also being examined at "Port Knock", a central landing pier for offshore logistics in the immediate vicinity of Emden. "We are on the move in the Wadden Sea World Heritage Site, a unique and sensitive spot on earth that we must preserve. That's why we don't wait for climate targets, but rely on state-of-the-art technology and innovative projects. Propulsion systems using green hydrogen offer us the opportunity of being particularly quiet and clean. This is good for the climate, the Wadden Sea and our passengers have a good feeling riding with us," says Dr Bernhard Brons, Chairman of the AG "EMS".

Green hydrogen logistics for the whole of East Frisia by 2023

H2NORD wants to gradually establish a value chain for green hydrogen in East Frisia, from production to filling station. Construction of the infrastructure is scheduled to start at the beginning of 2023, with the facilities going into operation in mid-2023.
Sales Manager Eugen Firus explains: "We at H2NORD are convinced that green energy must be converted where it is generated and where the customers are. With the new shareholders joining in, it is obvious that this leads to a win-win situation. H2NORD gains local anchor customers to build its business. In return, the new shareholders receive one hundred percent supply security for green hydrogen from the region. In this way, they will be better equipped to deal with the capricious prices on the energy markets.” 
Gradually, other industries and trades will join in. "We are already conducting talks with interested companies in vehicle technology and conversion," says Firus. Jobs will initially be created primarily for servicing and maintaining the plants, later also in the logistics sector. In the future, East Frisia is to become a green hydrogen hub that supplies large bus fleets, trucks and ships with climate-neutral fuel. 

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About H2NORD
H2NORD was founded in Emden in April 2021. In addition to the founding company Energiepark Emden, consisting of Terravent, GP JOULE and the Brons Group, SCORE, Spedition Weets, Hinrich Folkerts Landhandel and AG "EMS" are also shareholders in the company. The goal of H2NORD is to build a regenerative, regional hydrogen economy. It will produce green hydrogen in an electrolysis plant with up to 50 megawatts and initially distribute it via three SCORE filling stations in East Frisia. Only regional green electricity is used for electrolysis.

About Terravent
Terravent Investments, based in Leer, East Frisia, has been at home in the energy, real estate and shipping sectors for more than 20 years, focusing on renewable energies with a total of almost one gigawatt of projected wind power capacity.

About Brons
The Brons Group was founded in Emden in 1826 and is active in trading, port handling, shipping and maritime services.

SCORE is considered a particularly responsible and future-oriented company in the filling station medium-sized range, which is actively engaged in a sustainable orientation for the after-fossil-fuel era SCORE is actively shaping the energy turnaround in existing and new business areas. In addition to hydrogen, eFuels and electricity are also promoted in the filling station sector. In the real estate sector, the company focuses on energy self-sufficient residential development, and for commercial building projects such as the SCHAUMWERK, a green overall concept is standard (e.g. use of photovoltaics or fully biological water treatment).

About Weets
Founded in October 1985 by Jakob Weets, the one-man business quickly developed into a medium-sized logistics company. Since its foundation, new business areas have been steadily added, so that today the Weets Group can offer a correspondingly broad service portfolio.
The range of services includes classic truck tarpaulin transport, transport for overseas container logistics by road, rail and inland waterways. In addition, there are services such as JIT/JIS deliveries, warehousing and customs clearance.

About AG "EMS
The history of the AG "EMS" began with the construction of the Borkum lighthouse. Today, the shipping company is a modern service provider with a focus on shipping as well as hotels and restaurants. Environmentally friendly ferries and innovative high-tech catamarans secure supply for the islands of Borkum and Helgoland. Modern hotels and restaurants see themselves as hosts for their guests, and a colourful portfolio of excursions allows many holidaymakers to experience the North Sea, the Wadden Sea or the harbour atmosphere.

About Hinrich Folkerts Landhandel
Hinrich Folkerts Landhandel GmbH & Co. KG has been traditionally associated with agriculture for a number of generations.
The company has its origins in 1911 in the miller's trade by J. R. Folkerts. The family business, which is already in its third generation, has developed into a high-performance and competent agricultural trading company by trading in grain, feed, seed and operating resources, but also through transport and services.
The company’s range of activites includes farmers and trading partners from western East Frisia to the Weser-Ems region.

Founded in 2009 based on the belief that a 100 per cent renewable energy supply is feasible, GP JOULE is now a system provider for integrated energy solutions from solar, wind and biomass power as well as being a partner at the supply level for electricity, heat, hydrogen and electromobility. This makes GP JOULE a pioneering company in the area of cross-sector linkage. Some 400 people work for the medium-sized group of companies in Germany, Europe, and North America. GP JOULE holds the 2019 Schleswig-Holstein Business Environmental Award.

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