WindEnergy Hamburg 2018

Reußenköge/Hamburg, September 2018 – GP JOULE presents a broad situational overview along with professional advice throughout the still promising wind energy value chain at the WindEnergy Hamburg 2018 on 25-28 September, and in so doing underlines its outstanding expertise in sector-coupling energy solutions.

Visitors to the post-EEG (German renewable energy legislation) counter at stand 220 in Hall A1 will be able to conduct an initial analysis of how much operating potential their own wind turbine systems still possess and obtain information on relevant revenue models for marketing energy in the form of hydrogen, heat and, of course, electricity. The electrolyser made by the H-TEC SYSTEMS subsidiary will demonstrate how wind energy can be employed economically in the mobility, heat and industrial sectors in the form of power-to-gas. Similarly, GP JOULE – itself with rural roots – will be informing visitors of its innovative power-to-heat concepts, based on a heat-grid operating model that is particularly suitable for small rural communities. The internationally experienced project planning company also invites visitors to witness its operational management activities, made possible by interactive virtual reality at the WindEnergy Hamburg.

“For years, we have been pursuing strategies, concepts and technologies to enable renewable energies to generate added value even after their EEG subsidy period has ended. It is indeed the case that relatively few operators of old wind energy systems are aware of just how much value potential their projects will still have after 2020, when EEG funding periods begin to expire. Pure electricity marketing, in which power purchase agreements of the kind that we are already implementing in the USA for instance will also play a role, but they will not in themselves be sufficient to tap into this potential,” says GP JOULE co-founder and CEO, Ove Petersen. “What is required are individual, interconnected solutions. Technical and building approval procedures, the financing of necessary investments, and the development of new sales markets for electricity require conceptual control and a great deal of know-how to be able to continue doing good business in future.“ It is against this background that GP JOULE will be offering a forward-looking initial analysis at its exhibition stand.

Transforming wind energy to power-to-gas – The electrolyser from H-TEC SYSTEMS is creating access to a new market for green hydrogen:

“The future of business lies in sector coupling. Thanks to the high availability of wind energy in many regions of Germany, there is a great deal of highly favourable economic potential in its exploitation in the form of power-to-gas. Its success lies in its transformation into green hydrogen and subsequent marketing, for example, for ship, rail, local passenger and private transport as well as for industry“, explains Ove Petersen. At the WindEnergy, the GP-JOULE subsidiary, H-TEC SYSTEMS, will be exhibiting its ‘made in Germany’ PEM electrolyser that can generate hydrogen with a magnitude of megawatts. The citizen-owned Ellhöft wind farm near the Danish border, which has been operational since 2000, employs it to transform its wind-generated electricity into green hydrogen and, as of the first half of 2019, it will be marketed at a hydrogen fuelling station which is being built near Flensburg. With a nominal production rate of 100 kilograms of hydrogen per day, a peak electric load of 350 kilowatts, an overall efficiency of up to 95 percent using heat extraction, and its very compact construction, the H-TEC PEM electrolyser can be used locally, directly at the wind turbine, as well as at the hydrogen fuelling station. GP JOULE itself will incorporate five such PEM electrolysers in its hydrogen mobility project in North Frisia. Here, regional wind energy is transformed into green hydrogen as an inexpensive and climate-friendly fuel for buses and other vehicles fitted with a fuel-cell drive; two hydrogen fuelling stations in Niebüll and Husum are being planned for this purpose.

Transforming wind energy to power-to-heat – GP JOULE creates attractive heat grid operator models for rural communities:

A model example of power-to-heat for transforming wind energy and creating added value is GP JOULE’s cooperation with the North Frisian municipality of Bosbüll. The aim is to realise a heat generation system based 100 percent on mainly local, wind-generated electricity for the municipality; this will enable it to continue generating revenues from renewable energy locally once EEG funding comes to an end. Ove Petersen: “Since 2010, we have been funding primarily small municipalities in creating local community heat networks using an operator model tailored to their needs as a joint public-private partnership, in the form of municipal renewable utilities.“ GP JOULE offers everything that is critical to their success, from a single source, ranging from the necessary studies and concepts to public relations work, project financing, legal and technical planning and implementation, and even customer and operational management. 

Experiencing the service management of wind farms with virtual reality: 

Using virtual reality glasses, visitors to the GP JOULE exhibition can take a journey into the wind farm and through the portfolio of commercial and technical control management activities, ranging from monitoring, maintenance, on-site management and reporting to surface maintenance and limited partner administration. With GP JOULE, every operator of a wind or solar energy plant, be it an old or a new system, can enjoy an optimum level of process reliability, efficiency and quality, with the benefit of external certification. 

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Founded in 2009 based on the belief that a 100% renewable energy supply is feasible, GP JOULE is now a system provider for integrated energy solutions from solar, wind and biomass power as well as being a partner at the supply level for heat as well as electric and hydrogen-powered mobility. A pioneer in the area of sectoral cross-linkage, GP JOULE has a workforce of over 200 employees at sites in Germany and North America.