A village takes its destiny into its own hands. ProTherm Mertingen

ProTherm Mertingen

“Energy turnaround? We can do that ourselves!” – such was the idea that occurred to the municipality of Mertingen Together with GP JOULE, it established ProTherm Mertingen – a company that is committed to a sustainable and 100% renewable energy supply.

One of the first projects was to create their own district heating network: residents are now supplied with regenerative heat from biomass. For this purpose, public e-charging stations were installed supplying green power for electrically powered vehicles.

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“It is the involvement of local protagonists and the use of existing potential that has made the development of our heating network possible in the first place. Together with GP JOULE we have established the basis – and now we know just how worthwhile the effort has been.”

Jörg Baumgärtner, managing director of ProTherm Mertingen

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