Solar energy from a former lunar landscape

EPC PLANT CONSTRUCTION GP JOULE builds megawatt solar park in Ganzlin

Where in autumn 2019 a large crater still bore witness to years of work carried out by heavy-duty excavators, there is now a solar park consisting of some 165,000 modules that generates 65 megawatts of power and is able to supply around 16,500 households with CO2-free electricity. On the 71-hectare site of a former gravel pit, GP JOULE created Germany's largest solar project since 2013 on behalf of Clenergy Global Projects Hamburg in record time. Construction of the impressive solar park in Ganzlin in the district of Ludwigslust-Parchim was completed in a period of just eight months –
accomplished by GP JOULE as a general contractor with extensive practical experience of projects on this scale. Under an EPC contract (Engineering – Procurement – Construction), GP JOULE was responsible for the entire planning process – from the selection and procurement of components and the awarding of service provider contracts through to the entire construction.

Photovoltaics plant construction in fast motion: GP JOULE takes on the challenge

“It was not the price that clinched it for us”, says Daniel Ruoss, Vice President of the Clenergy Group and Managing Director of Clenergy Global Projects Germany, on the decision to join forces with GP JOULE for this megawatt project. “We were impressed not just by the company’s experience but also by its high level of expertise. GP JOULE always adopts a solution-oriented approach and has consistently provided us with constructive and purposeful support in our various shifts in direction.” The careful selection of subcontractors was also a key factor. “The GP JOULE team really faced up to the challenge.”
For Meik Georg Gessner, Head of Plant Construction – EPC at GP JOULE, this was nothing new: “It’s all possible based on sound coordination between the various subcontractors,” says Gessner. “We chose regional partners wherever we could, but of course our past experience of the quality produced by those subcontractors we commissioned was also a deciding factor.” The project team certainly achieved impressive results, and Gessner is extremely satisfied with the finished plant: “The Ganzlin solar park makes full use of the space available,” he says.

Ambitious mammoth project: EPC Plant Construction requires extensive preparatory work

In order to turn the pit into a construction site for Ganzlin Solar Park, Clenergy moved 1.1 million cubic metres of soil to level the area. In addition to this enormous substructure, the 165,000 solar cells installed and the substations required, the future-oriented solar project also includes a 25-kilometre medium-voltage line to the transformer station.

“With GP JOULE we have a top team that delivers A1 quality. They are focused on safety and reliably ensure compliance with the construction schedule – a truly professional collaboration in every way.”

Daniel Ruoss, Vice President of the Clenergy Group and Managing Director of Clenergy Global Projects Germany.

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