Tailwind for the energy turnaround

GP JOULE takes over operational management of Bürgerwindpark Wittbek

Whether for the generation of renewable energy for self-consumption, conversion into hydrogen or power-to-heat: citizens’ wind farms have enormous potential. GP JOULE offers local authorities, land owners, investors and companies the entire range of services from a single source to make such projects a success: the first step is to compile the necessary studies and concepts for the feasibility of the project and plannable returns, followed by project finance, legal and technical planning and implementation, and going right through to customer management and operational management.

Bürgerwindpark Wittbek: local energy and business cycle

For years now we have particularly supported ambitious municipalities in implementing their plans. One of these is Wittbek in Schleswig-Holstein. The citizens’ wind farm Bürgerwindpark Wittbek has been connected to the grid since September 2015: some 200 local residents each have a stake in it, with a total of more than 1,500 shares at EUR 3,000 each,  GP JOULE provides its commercial and technical management services to ensure smooth operation of the four 3 MW wind turbines installed. It's a real municipal success story: the plants have an output of more than 13 megawatts, all of which is produced and consumed locally.

Operational Management Wind Power: renewable energy generation successfully put into practice

The turbines are monitored on a round-the-clock basis via two modern control rooms. GP JOULE tracks maintenance cycles and monitors the work on site. To complete the range of services, the company provides detailed reporting on the performance and profitability of the plant based on close cooperation between Technical and Commercial Management, as well as offering online access to the customer portal for wind turbines.

“Proper management of our wind turbines guarantees economic success for our shareholders and the municipality of Wittbek. GP JOULE is our experienced and reliable partner of choice and we are more than satisfied.”

Management of Bürgerwindpark Wittbek GmbH & Co. KG


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