Thanks to a strong track record with all renewable energy fuels and an on-going and intimate involvement offering a wide complete and wide range of services in the industry.


GP JOULE is known to service its customers and partners by getting involved right on the onset of any project, from the initial facility concept all the way to the project commissioning, ensuring full performance. GP JOULE provides true full turnkey EPC services, and can also manage all commercial, operation and maintenance services for plants in production. The PRODUCTS & SERVICES division also offers a number of high-quality technology solutions (carport, single axis tracker, greenhouse, etc.), which can be delivered as standalone systems or as part of turnkey packages with more or less installation services, whatever the needs are.

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GP JOULE European Group sometimes, where suited, initiates and builds some of its own developments, taking on the entire project risk. This is a testimony of its financial strength and experience. However, GP JOULE likes to focus on co-development opportunities, especially, in North America and is interested in long-term and successful partnerships.

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