PHLEGON® Single Axis Tracker

Single-Axis Tracker

As an intelligent tracking system for photovoltaic ground mount projects, the PHLEGON® Single-Axis Tracker follows the path of the sun. As the module is optimally aligned at all times of the day, the plant operator can enjoy increased yields - between 15% to 25% -, thus increasing profits significantly while maximizing the overall ROI.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Maximum profits (yield)
  • CE-certified quality made in Germany, Canada and the US
  • Cutting-edge Siemens S7 control unit
  • Bus interface for remote maintenance and monitoring
  • Industrially proven low-maintenance drive unit
  • Lowest energy consumption
  • Stable and weatherproof
  • Environmentally friendly, long-lasting construction
  • Quick and cheap installation
  • Low additional costs, compared to fixed elevated installations

PHLEGON® FIXED Racking System

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