GP JOULE often secures or acquires suitable land or roof for renewable projects from private owners, companies, local municipalities or communities. By partnering with GP JOULE, such land owners can develop and increase the value of their land assets.
This simple principle applies to types of construction, be it ground mount solar facilities (fixed installation, carport, greenhouse, etc.) , roof-top arrays, wind parks, biomass plants, transformer stations, transmission lines, district heating systems or electric vehicle charging stations.

Due to its agricultural roots, GP JOULE knows how costly yet valuable owning real estate is. There, GP JOULE interacts with respect and caution with the land entrusted to the human kind.  Successful implementation of a project on every site is how we truly measure our value-added and ultimate performance.


GP JOULE offers high-profit and secured investment options. As an investor, you can realize and market projects with GP JOULE, take part in some of the project financing and development or simply hand it over completely after it has been constructed and connected. GP JOULE and its commercial and technical management team remains responsible for securing the expected profits, even after change of control. GP JOULE also offers comprehensive 3rd-party evaluation and advice on any renewable investment.

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