Green energy – everywhere

Conversion and distribution

We strongly believe that 100 % renewable energy is possible! Not just in the distant future, but here and now.

As an integrated provider, we take into account the entire value chain and focus on cross-sector linkage. If required, our concepts can combine electricity and heat production as well as climate-friendly charging and mobility solutions.

In numerous reference projects, we have shown how the energy generated can be converted and distributed just as sustainably.

Sector cross-linkage through power-to-X

The eFarm cooperative project is a prime example of innovative power-to-gas technology. Electrolysers are used to convert electricity from wind energy into hydrogen, which in turn is used to power buses and cars. In addition, the waste heat generated during hydrogen production contributes to a sustainable local heat supply.

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We have also implemented a system of interlinked electricity and heat supply for a project in Bosbüll. Bürgersolarpark – the largest in North Frisia with 9.7 MW – produces energy for some 2,700 households.

Power-to-mobility: on course for the future

With our own corporate fleet, we impressively demonstrate how power generation and mobility can be interlinked. At our company headquarters in Reußenköge, the fleet of around 25 e-mobiles was integrated into a dynamic load management system. In addition, consumers (in this case the grain dryer, an electrolyser and a biogas plant) and producers (solar plant and biogas plant) are integrated upstream of the grid connection point, supplementing the amount of electricity available on the grid. In this way, the system taps into the high flexibility of the fleet vehicles, of which the individual charge level can be quickly raised or lowered. In addition, the power available to individual cars can be controlled on a user-specific basis.

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What GP JOULE has to offer

In the area of cross-sector linkage in particular, it is important to have a partner at your side who is able to offer an optimum combination of all services, as well as having a good network and being able to bring together project participants from different sectors. As an experienced project planner, we have already implemented a large number of projects from a wide variety of segments. What is more: true to our holistic approach, we are there to support our clients along the entire value chain, including generation, conversion, distribution and utilisation.

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