Successful post-EEG operation for the energy turnaround

Cross-sector linkage

For us, the energy turnaround is much more than a political statement – it’s our mission! Our credo is: 100% renewable energy is possible right away. This requires new plants to be built and existing ones to remain profitable for as long as possible. It also means moving with the times and adapting to new circumstances. The end of the funding period under the German Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG) confronts the wind power industry with an entirely new set of challenges. We are aware of this and are breaking new ground in upgrading your wind power. GP JOULE is aware of the enormous value creation potential that your wind turbines will still have after 20 years. This is what we mean by sustainable use – both technically and economically.

We make your project a success for all parties involved: the driving force behind your clean energy is our longstanding experience in the areas of project development and operational management for wind power combined with a broad horizon for the development of innovative marketing models. In addition to the familiar options of repowering, sale and further operation via direct marketing and power purchase agreements, we create added value from your electric power by means of cross-sector linkage. Together, we can make you a post-EEG success.

Power-To-X based on intelligent cross-sector linkage

Renewable energy production is a crucial component for the success of the energy turnaround, but the upgrading, conversion and use of this sustainably generated power is at least of equal importance. Cross-sector linkage serves to further increase the efficiency of renewable energy plants: where clean electricity is used to reduce the use of fossil fuels in other sectors – such as heat or mobility – this is known as cross-sector linkage. This is climate protection in practice and it’s economically sustainable, too – even if your turbine has been standing in the wind for several years.

Wind energy cross-sector linkage: renewable energy rather than fossil fuels wherever possible

  • Power-to-heat: use of surplus electricity for heat generation
  • Power-to-gas: conversion of the electricity generated to hydrogen
  • Power-to-mobility: alternative drive forms based on electricity and hydrogen

Cross-sector linkage: for the long-term success of your plant and the energy turnaround

Cross-sector linkage is the next step towards a successful energy turnaround for future generations and the key to profitable continued operation of existing plants for the benefit of your investment security. GP JOULE is active in all areas of cross-sector linkage: we upgrade electricity and convert it. This makes us your expert and reliable partner for integrated system solutions. Throughout the entire history of our company we have continually expanded along the entire value chain – from generation and distribution to consumption and utilisation.


National and international wind energy projects with a total capacity of more than 600 MW.


A 100 per cent renewable energy supply is feasible.


H-TEC SYSTEMS has been part of the GP JOULE Group since 2010: the company builds and sells MW-class hydrogen electrolysers as a turnkey solution for alternative remuneration options for wind power.

Cross-Sector Linkage Wind Energy

Continued operation of existing plants through cross-sector linkage

Cross-sector linkage is an intelligent response to the expiry of EEG subsidies

We can answer all the key questions regarding potential further operation of your plant: Is the plant technically suited to this purpose? What are the legal licensing conditions for continued operation or repowering? We are always able to find solutions for continued operation.



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