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100% renewables is possible - but how? eFacts is the campaign initiated by GP JOULE that creates knowledge - transparent, informative, inspiring. Because the eFacts are not intended to promote a product or a brand. On the contrary: We want to encourage people to get involved and discuss the topics together with partners. 


Nine eFacts illustrate how we can achieve the climate targets with the real energy transition. The eFacts provide answers, clear up prejudices and show that we can supply ourselves completely with renewable energy. Find out more about the real energy transition - and get involved!


The eFacts refer to data, facts and laws from Germany. Therefore, we are currently unable to offer an English version


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GP JOULE is the integrated energy supplier that is active in all parts of the energy value chain - from generating, converting, distributing and utilising power.

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100% renewable energy for all. This is GP JOULE’s vision. This is what drives us. To achieve this, we create and operate sustainable, reliable energy solutions with tangible benefits - always keeping the entire energy system in mind. For a secure, independent and sustainable energy supply.

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