Consume energy the smart way and protect the climate

You want to help protect the climate and reduce your energy costs in the long term? It can be done! By simply using an app. The YOULE app shows how much renewable energy is available in the grid right now and in the next 24 hours and helps you adapt your own energy consumption to the availability of green electricity.


Download YOULE now and contribute to protecting the climate!

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The YOULE app provides you with all the information you need to manage your electricity consumption in a sensible way: The green power monitor shows you how high the percentage of green power is in the grid every hour. The app provides live recommendations on suitable times to turn on your washing machine or charge your e-bike by sending you push notifications. YOULE also provides you with regular news and tips on how to save energy.


If, for example, a lot of green electricity is produced in the north of Germany, it cannot always be transported. The existing electricity grid does not have enough capacity, a grid bottleneck is created. Then wind and solar power plants that are located ahead of this grid bottleneck will be deactivated. The renewable energy that could actually be produced is being thrown away so to speak. Behind the grid bottleneck, however, a power plant must be ramped up at the same time in order to feed in more electricity and keep the total amount of electricity in the grid stable.

All consumers pay the costs of such measures by paying the grid fees. And the climate suffers too, because the power plants that are ramped up during grid bottlenecks often burn natural gas.



How exactly does YOULE work?

The idea behind smart electricity consumption isn’t new. Wind power pioneer Karl-Heinz "Kuddel" Hansen, who connected one of Germany's first wind turbines to the grid in 1983, installed a type of electricity traffic light in his kitchen. When the wind was blowing, the traffic light turned green. When there was no wind, it turned red. In this way, the family knew when they could consume power and when it was time to cut down on using electricity. The YOULE app has now applied this principle to the whole of Germany.


If we wash our laundry or charge our batteries when there is a lot of electricity from renewable energies in the grid, a positive domino effect sets in: Solar and wind power plants do not have to be shut down and no gas-fired power plant has to be ramped up. CO2 emissions are reduced. In the long term, grid fees will fall and with them electricity costs. With the YOULE app, we can consume electricity more consciously and integrate active climate protection into our everyday lives.



Download YOULE now and contribute to protecting the climate!

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