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Our founders, Ove Petersen and Heinrich Gärtner, once tinkered with a business idea over a bratwurst at the Augsburg railway station, which soon led to the founding of GP JOULE in 2009. The key figures were noted down on a paper plate at the time. And they worked! Since then, Sausage Paper Plate Day has been celebrated once a year at GP JOULE.

There are two founding locations, Reußenköge and Buttenwiesen. In addition, we are active throughout Germany, so you are sure to find us near where you live.


Take a look here

Under the menu item Working at GP JOULE you will find an interactive map where you can see all our locations and click on them to find out more. You can even visit our offices in Reußenköge and Buttenwiesen virtually.

GP JOULE stands for 100% trust, 100% future, 100% teamwork. Our guiding principles, according to which we act, are based on these core values. These values aren’t just principles on paper, but they determine how we work and treat each other every day.


Find out more here: Guiding principles & values


On the one hand, what motivates us in our daily work is to preserve the basis of life for future generations. We want to ensure a supply of energy which is 100% renewable and which is generated sustainably and cost-effectively. That’s what we consider to be hands-on environmental and climate protection.


On the other hand, each individual employee with his or her own personal future has a high degree of importance for us. We do a great deal to help you develop as an employee in the long term, so that you can contribute to the big social endeavour that we have all committed ourselves to.


In a nutshell: Working at GP JOULE is simply the right thing to do!

Job search

You will find a large number of job advertisements in various fields on our career portal. If the right position isn’t available currently, we would be happy to receive your spontaneous application!


It's even faster with our express application. Because then we'll do the search for you. You tell us what you can do best and what you are interested in, and we will offer you suitable vacancies. Just give it a try!

Yes, our career portal is always up to date. As soon as we have filled a position, the vacancy is deactivated immediately.

No, because at GP JOULE we are convinced that everyone can contribute to the energy turnaround. That’s why we have just as many exciting vacancies in the areas of administration, the commercial sector or in IT. Take a look at our career portal to see if there is a suitable position for you. If not, simply apply on your own initiative!

We believe that you can not only learn anything, but also from each other. So if you have experience from other industries, that’s just as interesting for

us. Our profile descriptions do contain a variety of different skills and competencies which we consider to be relevant for the respective position. However, please apply even if not all points apply to you 100%.


Tip: Jobs advertised for juniors or young professionals are particularly suitable in this respect.

Of course, we would be pleased if you have already been in contact with the energy industry, but it’s not is not a prerequisite. Finally, we also value your other professional and industry knowledge and use it meaningfully at GP JOULE.

No, we offer some of our vacancies throughout Germany or at various locations. You can find out exactly where from the location information in the vacancies. We also operate a company-wide flex office, which means that you can work up to 100% remotely, depending on the job.

Yes, please send us an application with cover letter, CV, certificates and the planned period and area/topic.

Yes, we offer vocational training as an industrial business manager (m/f/d) and electronics technician specialising in energy and building technology (m/f/d). If you are interested in vocational training at GP JOULE, please apply six months before the start of the vocational training at bewerbung(at)gp-joule.de.


No, as long as the positions are advertised, you are welcome to apply.

Absolutely! Even though our profile descriptions list a variety of different skills and competencies, some of them can also be acquired in your everyday work at GP JOULE.

Ideally, you should use our application form in our career portal for your application. Alternatively, you can contact us via express application.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss details, please don’t hesitate to contact us at bewerbung(at)gp-joule.de or under 04671 6074 220.

We need a cover letter, your CV and references. Please also state your salary expectations and the earliest possible date you could start. Don’t have the documents right now? Then just use the express application option. 

Feel free to write your application in the way you feel most comfortable with!

Yes, please also apply if none of the vacancies seems suitable for you. It would be helpful if you state in which areas you would like to work. Then it's easier for us to find a suitable position for you.

You will receive an e-mail confirmation as soon as we have received your application.

You will receive initial feedback from us after 14 days at the latest. If you have any questions or comments in the meantime, please feel free to contact us at bewerbung(at)gp-joule.de or on 04671 6074 220.

On average, it usually takes about 6 weeks for a vacancy to be filled - that is, from publishing the vacancy to making a decision. However, as the application process depends on various factors such as the job in question, your availability or that of colleagues in the specialist department or holidays, this period may vary somewhat.

We conduct the first interview as a standard video interview via Microsoft Teams. It's a good opportunity to get to know each other and get a first impression of whether we have the right chemistry.


If so, we will arrange a personal meeting on site, as we attach particular importance to interpersonal aspects. This gives both you and us the opportunity to gain an even better impression of each other and you get direct insights into our company and the respective location.

Our main focus is to get to know you better as a person. We are particularly interested in what is important to you and why you would like to work at GP JOULE.

Starting work at GP JOULE

Our employment contracts are open-ended as standard. Only in exceptional cases do we set fixed-term contracts, e.g. if it is a longer-term replacement.

Your workplace has all the modern equipment with an additional screen, mouse, keyboard and headset. We also provide the same equipment to colleagues for use in their home offices.

Your first day begins at the respective location with a welcome, a tour and a short introduction to the new and "old" GP JOULE colleagues, because as a newcomer you usually don't start out alone, but with several fellow job starters.


Then our onboarding process starts involving first more in-depth meetings with your colleagues and the first administrative steps to get you off to a smooth start at GP JOULE.

Yes, both standard trainings, which are the same for all new colleagues, and department-specific programmes for professional onboarding.

Of course your manager and colleagues will be happy to answer any questions you may have during the first few weeks. If you have any general concerns, our human resources department is always there for you.

You get to know many of them in your daily work through meetings via Microsoft teams or on business trips. And, of course, all of GP JOULE gets together at our regular company events such as Christmas parties or summer festivals.

Everyday work life at GP JOULE

This means you can can adapt your working time model to your personal needs in order to balance work, leisure and family life! That’s why we offer our colleagues trust-based working hours and mobile working they can set up as suits their requirements.

Yes, that’s possible too, because many of our jobs are also advertised on a part-time basis. You will find this advertised in the respective description.

Yes. The proportion of time you can work on a mobile basis depends on the job and type of work on the one hand, and on individual agreements with your team and your direct colleagues on the other.

Lots! We offer you a wide range of training and development opportunities, taking into account your personal strengths and interests to provide you with great development perspectives.

Yes, we do them regularly, so that we can support you as an employee in the best possible way and help you advance in your personal development.

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