The vision of GP JOULE

100% renewable energies for all

What do we want to achieve? What drives every employee at GP JOULE? Our clear goal is to achieve 100% renewable energies for all.


This is the vision we are working on. We respect all partners and take on responsibility for the environment and future generations


We are convinced that we will achieve this goal. We have the land to generate enough energy from wind and solar power in Europe. We also have all the technologies we need. What we don't have: Time. The climate crisis is advancing and we urgently need a CO2-free, secure and affordable supply of energy.

From vision to reality

We all know that a good idea alone is never enough - it must be realisable as well. That's why we are not only focussing on generating renewable energy, but also extend its value chain to ensure sustainable supply and utilisation. A 100 % sustainable result - that is our aspiration!

What makes us special

Guiding principles, management, history

We create value for a green future: As a system provider for integrated energy solutions and a pioneer in sector integration, GP JOULE is putting the energy transition into practice and establishing completely new, regional value chains.