GP JOULE and APUS enter into cooperation for green flying using hydrogen

At many airports, GP JOULE will provide the infrastructure for the production, transport and filling of green hydrogen

GP JOULE and APUS enter into cooperation for green flying using hydrogen

Strausberg/Berlin, Reußenköge, 8 May 2023

The integrated energy supplier GP JOULE has signed a cooperation agreement with the aircraft manufacturer APUS to jointly advance the use of renewable energy solutions in aviation. This cooperation represents an important step towards the future of green aviation and the efficient use of renewable energy, even in air travel.

With the help of GP JOULE, the infrastructure for the production, transport and filling of 100% green hydrogen will be available at many airports in the future. Together with APUS, a network for filling aircraft at various airports is to be established.


"Emission-free flying with aircraft from APUS and 100% green hydrogen from GP JOULE will revolutionise aviation," says Phillip Scheffel, CEO of APUS Group about this new collaboration: "Together with GP JOULE, we will not only provide green hydrogen to power our aircraft, but also build the associated infrastructure for zero-emission aviation as part of overall mobility based on renewable energy!"


"With green hydrogen, we can already replace fossil fuels in many areas: in local public transport, in heavy-duty transport and, together with APUS, also in aviation in the future. We are pleased to be taking another step towards CO2-free mobility and on our way to 100% renewable energy for all with this cooperation agreement," says André Steinau, Managing Director at GP JOULE HYDROGEN.


GP JOULE HYDROGEN possesses the know-how of over ten years of hydrogen research and development. GP JOULE HYDROGEN offers the full range of services for 100% climate-friendly mobility, from hydrogen production from renewable energies, storage and transport to the acquisition of funding, the construction of hydrogen filling stations and their ongoing operation. GP JOULE can also provide customers from the logistics and transport sectors with the right vehicles for their needs.


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About GP Joule
As an integrated energy supplier, GP JOULE is active in all areas of the energy value chain: from generating to using energy, from consulting to financing and project planning to construction and service. GP JOULE produces and markets wind and solar power, green hydrogen and heat and makes use of it where it is most effective: in electric and hydrogen-based mobility, in households and in industry. GP JOULE has been shaping the future of energy in Europe from Germany since 2009. With the aim of delivering a secure, independent and sustainable supply of energy. 100 % renewable energy for all.

The company's main locations are in Buttenwiesen, in the district of Dillingen, and in Reußenköge in North Frisia, where the founders and former fellow students Heinrich Gärtner and Ove Petersen each took over their parents' farms after studying agricultural engineering and expanded them with company offices. Around 600 people work for the medium-sized group of companies in Germany, Europe and North America.

GP JOULE was awarded the German Mobility Prize 2022 for the hydrogen mobility project eFarm.


About APUS

APUS aims to become the world's first provider of certified aircraft based on green hydrogen as an energy carrier. APUS was founded in 2014 by Phillip Scheffel as an aeronautical design office and has been working on the future of zero-emission powered flight ever since. The company, which now has 40 employees, is based at Strausberg airfield near Berlin. Since 2017, APUS has been certified by EASA for the development and, since 2022, also for the production of aircraft. 2021, the company won the Future Prize of the State of Brandenburg.
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