Heat transition - How will we heat without gas and coal in the future?

The GP JOULE magazine JAMES is dedicated to the pressing issues of this winter

Heat transition - How will we heat without gas and coal in the future?

Reußenköge, 22 December 2022

The next issue of JAMES is here. The issue is dedicated to the most current issues of the energy turnaround: How do we achieve the heat turnaround and finally move away from oil and gas? What must an energy system with a future look like that sensibly generates, stores and distributes green energy and that provides not only electricity but also heat and mobility? Answers can be found atwww.gp-joule.de/james,. Subscription is free or read it online.

The focus of issue 13 shows ways how to achieve the climate-friendly supply of head and explains why the heat turnaround urgently needs to be accelerated from a financial, ecological and political perspective. Using the example of several municipalities that have already embarked on the journey together with GP JOULE, the new JAMES illustrates: Change is possible!

What should it look like, the energy system with a future? Ove Petersen, co-founder and GP JOULE CEO, explains it in an interview. The enclosed folding plan impressively shows the connections between decentralised energy generation with intelligent distribution and climate-friendly consumption.

The fact that renewable energies contribute significantly to a secure, environmentally friendly and fair present and future is also proven by the energy price study prepared by the independent institute Energy Brainpool. It shows what monetary effect it would have if more renewable energy were available in the grid.

In his interview on municipal heat planning, Dr Jens Clausen, member of Scientists for Future and expert on transformation and sustainable management, explains that ultimately it is not just a question of price, but rather of survival.

Also in the issue:

  • Municipal local heat - This is how a heat network is created and these are its advantages
  • Commentary "Getting out of Crisis Mode" - Three Proposals for Charting a Course for "Renewables”
  • 5,000 trucks and 150 filling stations - How GP JOULE is revolutionising (not only) heavy goods transport with hydrogen



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