GP JOULE HYDROGEN, Clean Logistics SE and IHK Cottbus show fuel cell truck and bus at the Lausitzring

GP JOULE HYDROGEN rental model makes it easier for haulage and logistics companies to get started with green hydrogen mobility

GP JOULE HYDROGEN, Clean Logistics SE and IHK Cottbus show fuel cell truck and bus at the Lausitzring

Reußenköge/Schipkau, 10 October 2022

GP JOULE HYDROGEN and Clean Logistics presented a bus and a truck with fuel cell propulsion at the Lausitzring near Schipkau today. More than 50 guests from freight forwarding and logistics companies, transport operators and local politicians took the opportunity to get to know the quiet and clean hydrogen vehicles up close. To make it easier for interested companies from Lusatia to get started in zero-emission heavy-duty transport, GP JOULE HYDROGEN is making an attractive all-inclusive offer that covers the entire value chain: from locally produced hydrogen and the vehicles to their maintenance and insurance.

At the event at the Lausitzring, guests were able to inspect the two Clean Logistics SE hydrogen vehicles up close. During demo runs, the truck and the bus showed that even heavy goods traffic can be clean and

quiet. The experts from GP JOULE HYDROGEN and Clean Logistics also answered questions about the vehicles and the certifications required by the companies.

Complete package for emission-free kilometres it possible to plan costs in the long term.

But the independent changeover to the new drive technology first means that the companies have to spend time and money: on purchasing the vehicles, on converting their workshops and ontraining. GP JOULE HYDROGEN wants to remove these hurdles with its complete package for emission-free kilometres. "The acquisition of a fuel cell vehicle initially involves investment. The companies not only have to buy the vehicle, but also ensure that it can be serviced and refuelled nearby. Our complete package for emission-free kilometres from GP JOULE HYDROGEN supplies the green hydrogen, the vehicles and the entire infrastructure from a single source," says André Steinau, Managing Director of GP JOULE HYDROGEN. Similar to a rental car, maintenance and insurance are already included in the price. The logistics companies can therefore calculate with fixed costs.

200 metres from hydrogen production to the filling station

Above all, fuel costs can be planned much more easily with the regionally produced green hydrogen than with the fuel costs for conventional drives. Since the hydrogen is produced with electricity from renewable energies from the nearby Lusatia Energy Park, it is not affected by global crises and price fluctuations. The green hydrogen can be refuelled at the Klettwitz service station - only about 200 metres as the crow flies from the production site.

The Lusatia Energy Park, with a total capacity of 300 megawatts, consists of three solar parks, two of which are already in operation. The owners are the companies GP JOULE, Terravent Investments and Steinbock EE.

Logistics and transport companies from Lusatia can already book the complete package from GP JOULE HYDROGEN today. Vehicles and the hydrogen filling station will be available from 2024.

Green hydrogen strengthens regional value creation in Lusatia

In order to dovetail the offer closely with local needs, GP JOULE HYDROGEN has cultivated contacts with politicians and companies from the very beginning. The Lusatia Hydrogen Network DurcH2atmen is an important platform for this exchange. "Today's practical demonstration of the first hydrogen-powered truck at the Lausitzring is a premiere which has enormous economic and technological significance. Green Lusatian electricity from photovoltaics generates green hydrogen, which is then refuelled directly on site at the A13 in Klettwitz in trucks powered entirely by hydrogen, thus completing the value chain and is so far unique in the region. This is a decisive step forward in the use of sustainable green mobility in freight transport in the Lusatia hydrogen region," says Jens Krause, general manager of the Cottbus Chamber of Commerce and Industry and spokesman for the hydrogen network.

Lusatia has been heavily influenced by energy production for more than a hundred years. In recent decades, wind and solar farms have been built on many open-cast dumps. Managing structural change and creating new opportunities is a daily challenge in Lusatia. "We are delighted to be working with our partner GP JOULE to ensure that hydrogen-powered trucks and buses will soon be commonplace on the roads. With the event at the Lausitzring, we are showing that structural change in the region can only be thought about and realised holistically. Our products are at the end of the green hydrogen value chain and thus ensure emission-free transport," says Dirk Graszt, Managing Director Clean Logistics.



Founded in 2009 based on the belief that a 100% renewable energy supply is feasible, GP JOULE is now a system provider for integrated energy solutions from solar, wind and biomass power as well as being a partner at the supply level for electricity, heat, hydrogen and electric mobility. GP JOULE is thus a pioneering company in sector cross-linkage. Around 500 people work for the medium-sized group of companies in Germany, Europe and North America. GP JOULE is the winner of the Schleswig-Holstein Business Environment Award 2019 and the German Renewables Award 2020.

GP JOULE HYDROGEN puts the know-how of over ten years of hydrogen research and development on the road. GP JOULE HYDROGEN offers the full range of services for 100% climate-friendly mobility, from gas production from renewable energies to storage and transport to the construction of hydrogen filling stations and their ongoing operation, from customer activation to vehicle procurement and the acquisition of subsidies.


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