New hydrogen fuel cell transporter from Opel for the mobile OnSite service of GP JOULE operations management

GP JOULE produces green hydrogen and uses it to fuel the new Vivaro-e HYDROGEN - this is how a sustainable energy and circular economy works in practice

New hydrogen fuel cell transporter from Opel for the mobile OnSite service of GP JOULE operations management

Reußenköge, 25 May 2023

The innovative Opel Vivaro-e HYDROGEN stands for the sustainable mobility and energy turnaround - just like GP JOULE. The specialist for planning, construction and operational management of solar, wind, heat and mobility applications has been in the hydrogen business for more than eleven years. In order to close the value chain from the production to the use of green hydrogen, GP JOULE now also relies on the Vivaro-e HYDROGEN in the mobile service of operations management. Andreas Kunkat, Head of Key Accounts Stellantis Germany, handed over the Opel hydrogen fuel cell transporter to GP JOULE SERVICE Managing Director Helge Feddersen at GP JOULE's headquarters in North Frisia before invited guests from politics and business.

"To achieve our goal of 100% renewable energy, we are already consistently using renewable energies in the area of mobility. Our service team covers hundreds of kilometres every week. Therefore, decarbonising this service is an important step for us. In this way, we are showing how a sustainable energy and circular economy becomes reality: We generate green hydrogen from solar and wind power - and now use it as fuel in our fleet with the Vivaro-e HYDROGEN. This is how the energy turnaround works in everyday life," says Helge Feddersen, pleased with the resource-saving addition to the fleet.


The State Secretary in the Schleswig-Holstein Ministry of Economics, Transport, Labour, Technology and Tourism, Julia Carstens, agrees: "Decarbonising the economy and transport is a major task that we have to tackle together in the coming years. This requires strong partners such as GP JOULE and Opel. GP JOULE supplies industry, transport and society with renewable energies - and Opel, as one of the leading manufacturers of electrified drives, provides the suitable vehicles suitable for everyday use."


Like Opel, GP JOULE has long recognised that hydrogen - and green hydrogen in particular - can make a decisive contribution to decarbonising the transport sector and society. The company covers all areas of the hydrogen value chain: the production of green hydrogen from regional, renewable energies to the marketing at hydrogen filling stations. GP JOULE has driven this sustainable energy supply forward in an exemplary manner with the North Frisian project "eFarm" and was awarded the "German Mobility Prize" for it last year.


Flexible to use: For the emission-free operation of RE plants

The innovative Opel Vivaro-e HYDROGEN fits perfectly into the concept and the fleet. This is because the van, which is based on the "International Van of the Year 2021" Vivaro-e, can travel up to 400 kilometres on a full tank (according to WLTP1) with its combination of hydrogen fuel cell drive and plug-in battery. The 45 kW fuel cell delivers enough power for longer trips on the highway. Refuelling with hydrogen takes just three minutes - as short as a refuelling stop with conventional diesel or petrol. When starting or accelerating, the 10.5 kWh lithium-ion battery housed under the front seats provides support for more engine power which is avaliable spontaneously. In this way, the fuel cell system always works under optimal operating conditions, which increases the service life. In addition, the Vivaro-e HYDROGEN offers the great advantage of a hybrid system: Braking energy can be recovered and fed into the battery as electricity via the electric motor (generator) (recuperation). The entire drive technology is accommodated in such a space-saving way that the hydrogen transporter does not compromise on space compared to conventional combustion vehicles.


"With the Opel Vivaro-e HYDROGEN, GP JOULE employees will in future be on the road in customer service with zero local emissions - reliably, flexibly and in a time-saving manner. Because our hydrogen fuel cell van can travel up to 400 kilometres without stopping, can then be quickly refuelled and offers the same cargo space size as a Vivaro with electric or combustion drive. It is the ideal vehicle for a company that is committed to driving forward the energy turnaround," said Andreas Kunkat at the handover ceremony on the North Frisian coast.


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GP JOULE was awarded the German Mobility Prize 2022 for the hydrogen mobility project eFarm.


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