GP JOULE launches its largest ever energy transition project in Saxony-Anhalt

“Project Fuhne” provides sustainable heat from regional wind and solar power for up to 33,000 people

GP JOULE launches its largest ever energy transition project in Saxony-Anhalt

Radegast, 2. November 2023

This is how to get the heat transition going: In Saxony-Anhalt – more precisely in the town of Südliches Anhalt, in Zörbig and in the municipality of Petersberg – GP JOULE has started building an integrated energy system in which electricity generation and heat supply are linked – in a sustainable, local, and 100% renewable way.


In the 46 villages of the three unified municipalities, 50 heating grids, 900 megawatts of generation capacity through photovoltaic and wind power plants and, in the future, production plants for hydrogen and the charging infrastructure for electric vehicles are to be built.


It begins in the city of Südliches Anhalt, where the city council approved the urban development contract with a clear majority on 11 October. This agreement governs the planning, construction, and operation of solar installations covering approximately 350 hectares of land, as well as the installation of 14 wind turbines and the provision of heat for participating households and businesses.


"Future-proof solution for all"

“Many citizens, residents, and businesses are feeling uncertain and have questions about the topic of heating”, says Thomas Schneider, Mayor of the city of Südliches Anhalt. "Local heating based on renewable energy is our answer. We are creating a future-proof solution for everyone with this sustainable heat supply.” 


The project will start in the district of Quellendorf, where urban land use planning for the heating centre is already underway and the first households are expected to be supplied with heat in the 2024/25 heating season.


"We ensure that the added value remains in the region by converting the generated electricity into heat, making the energy usable for the residents and businesses - and on a scale that is unprecented," says GP JOULE co-founder and CEO Ove Petersen: “This not only creates a direct advantage for people and a tangible benefit from renewables, but also brings sustainable energy to other sectors, relieves the power grids, and accelerates the expansion of wind and solar power plants.”


How the integrated energy system works

The electricity generated by the wind and solar power plants will flow on site to industrial heat pumps, where it will be converted into heat and then stored in hot water storage tanks. These storage units retain heat for several days and are an essential part of the system. They ensure security of supply even during so-called dark lulls and enable the separation of heat generation from consumption on a time basis. The heat is then distributed to households and businesses via the heating networks in the various districts. The insulated pipes ensure a sufficient supply temperature for all users, including existing buildings.


“We are integrating the transition to electricity and heating and providing solutions for all communities, businesses, and households”, says Felix Schwahn, Managing Director of GP JOULE THINK.


Affordable heat from the region for the region

The holistic concept of combining locally generated wind and PV power with heat generation allows the local residents to directly benefit from an affordable and reliable heat supply in the long term. The heat price of 11 cents/kWh (incl. 7% VAT) is fixed for ten years and will remain unchanged (net). In addition, there are no connection costs or monthly basic fees for house connection lines up to 10 meters. Only the actual heat consumption is billed. Maintenance and repair costs are borne by the operating company.


Renergiewerke Fuhne, in which GP JOULE and the municipalities can also participate, will supply heat to households, businesses and other properties. In addition, a crowd-investment is to be set up for citizens.


Opening of the office in Radegast

To be present and accessible onsite, GP JOULE will open an office in the district of Radegast (Südliches Anhalt) on November 2, 2023.  The first employees have already been hired and more are to follow.


 GP JOULE has been a partner and advisor to municipalities for many years, assisting with the implementation and operation of renewable energy solutions, including electricity, heat, e-mobility, and hydrogen.


“The significant increase in oil and gas prices last year, along with the impacts of climate change, demonstrate the importance of becoming independent from energy exports and ensuring a sustainable and climate neutral heat supply”, says Ove Petersen.  “This not only benefits the citizens, as seen in the 'Fuhne Project' with stable heat prices, but also the municipalities, who will experience increased business tax revenue, profits from electricity production, new jobs, and a competitive advantage for companies in the region due to affordable energy”, adds Ove Petersen.

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About GP Joule

As an integrated energy supplier, GP JOULE is active in all areas of the energy value chain: from generating to using energy, from consulting to financing and project planning to construction and service. GP JOULE produces and markets wind and solar power, green hydrogen and heat and makes use of it where it is most effective: in electric and hydrogen-based mobility, in households and in industry. GP JOULE has been shaping the future of energy in Europe from Germany since 2009. With the aim of delivering a secure, independent and sustainable supply of energy. 100 % renewable energy for all.

GP JOULE received the German Mobility Award for the hydrogen mobility project eFarm in 2022.


About Renergiewerke Fohne

Local heat from the region for the region: Renergiewerke Fuhne provides affordable and sustainable heating. Wind and solar power generated on site is converted into heat and brought to households. In this way, the energy and the added value remain local. This benefits the municipalities, the businesses, the climate and the people in the region. They receive cheap and stable-priced energy. Reliable, clean and 100% renewable.


You can find out more about Renergiewerke Fuhne at


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